[Archived] Simply Jekyll - A simple jekyll theme

[Archived] Simply Jekyll - A simple jekyll theme

This repo is no longer maintained, but you can still use it in its current form

Please note that you can still fork/star this repository and use it in its current form, but there will not be any active development in this repo going forward.

The reason for this decision is the development of my own "home-made" SSG(Static Site Generator). I have moved completely to my own static site generator that I developed using Rust and will be using that instead of any of the "off-the-shelf" SSGs like Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby etc.

The custom SSG that I am talking about here is pretty hacky and very usecase specific, so I have not shared it yet publicly, but if there is enough interest among the users of "Simply-Jekyll" I will try to refine it and opensource it here on GitHub.

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Simply Jekyll - A simple jekyll theme

Simply Jekyll is a simple yet highly functional jekyll-based theme that combines the best of different worlds (atleast tries to 😅). It is a minimal and distraction free theme that strives to provide maximum value all without holding back on any essential features that a user would benefit from or would desire for. This is an evolving project and is garanteed to be maintained at least for quite some time as I myself am a beneficiary of this theme and the project.

Preview the template here: https://simply-jekyll.netlify.app/

I wrote a tutorial explaining how to set it up: https://simply-jekyll.netlify.app/posts/how-to-setup-simply-jekyll