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I hold a BSc in engineering and I'm currently attending the MSc program at the University of Bergamo whilst working as a penetration tester on the side.
My interests are reverse engineering, system internals, binary exploitation, distributed systems, compilers, kernels, science, mathematics and too many other things to list here.

Reach out to me

Twitter – Shoot me a dm or just tweet @imshxdow. I will try to reply as soon as I can.

If you would like to discuss anything I do (or I don't), just reach out to me.

About the website

This website was initially born out of a desire to share various bits of my work and eventually started becoming a digital verions of my notes, a peek inside various portions of my world. The theme I'm currently using is designed and implemented by Ragnuveer S, as it allows to easily insert text in margins. When writing, reading, thinking, my thoughts tend to follow a very non-linear path which I felt is best expressed by adding meta content on the margins.

To better represent the deep wholes I would write about, or better yet the deep wholes I'm willing to chase, I felt Alice in Wonderland would be a great candidate. The artist who drew it can be found on Instagram.

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