• The inchworm theory

    I long ago read an article on the inchworm theory, which is a gaussian curve rappresenting performance with frequency on the x axis and performance on the y axis.

  • Brad Spengler on API to move data between user and kernel space

    Bradley Spengler on “Why do we use copy_to_user()/copy_from_user in kernel code?”:

  • On logic, formal verification and decision procedures - Part I

    This post tries to be the enstablishment of a series that aims to introduce the use of formal methods and decision procedures in computer science and software engineering. The structure adopted strictly follows the one used in the book “The Calculus of Computation”, which is the source of most of the following material.

  • Start

    Trouble concentrating on a task ?
    Set a 3 minute timer and do it.
    Rest for 3 minutes.
    Rinse, wash, repeat.

  • Analysis of Wirenet

    I came across an article about an attack that leveraged phishing in order to drop Java malware on victims’ machines. This reminded of Wirenet, a cross-platform malware that really made me wonder whether there was a link between the two. This was one of the first, if not the first actual attempt I made in applying reverse engineering techniques to real world software (a malware in this case). Despite a superior familiarity with Windows rootkits, I figured this would be a good chance to acquaint myself to Linux. The analysis is pretty low level, it goes over specific instructions as more emphasis was put on the how rather than the what.